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- real life in-Final Fantasy XIV game proposal
- Possibly Final Fantasy XIV Major problem with how roulettes are working now
- FFXIV Gil dressed in the back of a pack of bows
- Funny Moments of FFXIV-UFFXIV Wishes You Happy New Year
- Buying Final Fantasy XIV Gil Becomes Easier with UFFXIV.com

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 Would Final Fantasy XIV be better, if it wasnt a Final Fantasy at all? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

A philosophical question, if you will. Square-Enix has created an excellent MMO in Final Fantasy 14 Gil, and as such it has attracted many players from other online games, who generally enjoy doing MMO standard content such as PVP, Dungeons, Crafting and Selling, Raiding etc. This group of players tends to view the game in the context of other MMO's they have played and post feedback seeking to encourage development of this kind of content. I have noticed there is another group of players who I believe play this game primarily because it is a Final Fantasy Game as opposed to an online game, and seem to resent the other MMO oriented players who play the game in their accustomed fashion. I have heard complaints against a variety of normal MMO activity (PvP, Dueling, Chatting), mostly because it seems some players object to or have a fear of being forced to interact with strangers in an online environment or deal with the impact of human beings interacting with each other in unpredictable ways. So I ask the community, do you think this game would have been better as a non Final Fantasy Title? Is the disconnect between players more interested in a traditionally single player Final Fantasy experience and those looking for an online experience holding the game back?

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 FFXIV Addressing Leechers in Crystal Tower Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Hello everyone Buy FFXIV Gil, doing the weekly CT runs I've encountered a lot of "Leechers" in the past weeks. Players often participate in first fight(s), but as soon as the first "loot yielding" Boss is pulled, they stop. Especially yesterday in CT1 we were a premade Party of 5 People and had 3 Leechers with us. From the time the first Boss (Dragon with Skeletons) was pulled they went on autofollow on someone and stopped participating in any fight. The onliest thing one of them did was opening the treasure Box as quick as possible. Since you are unable to kick People while loot is up or mid battle we had no Chance to remove them from the duty since it was either battle preventing us or the loot which they did not roll on. The onliest possible window to kick them would have been between a bosses death to the opening of a treasure chest, which 1 of the leechers literally "camped". A solution would be: Lower the Loot Timer to 120 Seconds. It would be nice if this issue could be addressed. Ya I see this in ST all the time. The boss encounters are so close to each other, that if you keep going at a regular pace, the loot doesn't drop until the next loot is avail. But like the others have said. Tell the alliance you have one of these people, and need a couple minutes to boot them out. Sense just about everyone has experienced this, most people are more then willing to wait. They could make it where you can't open the next loot box, until the previous loot was lotted on. With some kind of delay. But I think the community can handle this one. Just don't be afraid to ask the alliance to wait. Usually at most they will have to wait a minute really. By the time you get to the next boss that drops loot Cheap FFXIV Gil, that's about how much time would be left on the loot clock.

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 Where are our early FFXIV access codes Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Not really a question more like a bit of a rant but where are the early access codes for the physical copies of Heavensward CE for Final Fantasy XIV Gil PS4 bought from the SE store. With only 2 weeks left until early access starts I find it horrible that no information has been released as to the status of the codes except for a BS date of May 15th for the emailing of them which obviously has come and gone. Kind of more of a slap in the face and no knock to anyone who bought the digital CE from PSN but it also sucks that buying this version instantly unlocked the early access where people like me bought our version months and months in advance and are still sitting in limbo. Please if anyone knows any info or status updates let me know. I am sure many others are wondering the same thing. From Square Users who have pre-ordered the PlayStation?3 or PlayStation?4 version We are currently working with Sony Computer Entertainment America to finalize the set up process and will make a follow-up announcement when pre-order codes can be redeemed on the PlayStation Network and when the digital versions will be available via PSN. In the meantime, if you have pre-ordered a physical version of the game and received an 18-digit (AAAAAA-123-AAAAAA-123 format) pre-order code from your retailer, you can redeem it on the Square Enix North America Pre-order website starting tomorrow. Visit the Square Enix North America pre-order website Log in with your Square Enix account Redeem your 18-digit code and select the platform of your choice (PS3 or PS4) Your code status will be set to “Pending” and as soon as codes are available they will be emailed to your Buy FFXIV Gil Square Enix account email address and also visible on the pre-order site

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 Something I like to know about FFXIV Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

I was wondering if all hm battles appear easier than expected, just like Ifrit HM (which didn't take me long to do), or are there any actual hard hm battles to come? ex battles are Final Fantasy XIV Gil proper hard, aren't they? Another thing, is there a way of obtaining a load of soldiery tomestones, as I'm thinking about going through main scenario roulette, as much as possible. With regards to leveling gear up, what should I think about first? Is there a way of obtaining lv100+ gear? This is what I have currently equipped... http://eu.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodest...acter/7245183/ At the moment, I have unlocked 2 gear level locked battles (Leviathan HM and Ultros battle) HM battles are easy because they're more than a year old and everyone extremely outgears them. If you want to do them like they were intended, find some people who will wear only ilvl 55 gear, and then it'll be much more fun. Soldiery is obtained by just about everything. Hunts are a great way, they spawn very frequently and give a good amount of FFXIV Power leveling soldiery. You can also find new people and get the sol bonus in trials/dungeons to cap pretty fast.

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